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There are very few people whom I can talk to about my feelings. My peers are busy working or studying. Luckily, there’s one teacher at my school with whom I can talk about everything. That’s…

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If I had a choice, I would have a busy social life. I would do all the fun activities that are part of it. It really bothers me that I don’t have this. On social…

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Since I started studying at the university, I’ve been feeling lonely quite often. Although I meet a lot of different people, conversations are often superficial. Compared to other students, I’ve a different way of life….

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Do you feel lonely? Feeling lonely does not necessarily mean there is a problem. Maybe you have recently moved and are adjusting to your new school. Maybe you recently changed jobs and are trying to get to know your colleagues better. However, it is also possible you feel like you just cannot connect with your peers, or that you feel lonely, even when you are in a group. Would you like to know if the loneliness you are feeling could be a problem? Would you like tips on how to manage your loneliness? Take the self-test!

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Tips to manage loneliness!

Talk about it!

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Do something you enjoy

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Ask your questions, share your concerns, or share a fun story. On our forum,, young people support each other. Forum visitors, and volunteers who know what loneliness feels like, will respond to your posts. They will recognize themselves in your uncertainties, your doubts and your questions! On our forum, you will be able to find helpful tips and positive feedback.