About eenzamejongeren.com

The platform is an initiative of the Join us Foundation made possible in part by Innovatienetwerk Jeugd regio Midden-Brabant and Aanpakeenzaamheid.nl

The Join us Foundation tackles loneliness among young people by bringing young people together and helping them build social resilience.

Jolanda van Gerwe (founder of Join us Foundation): “We notice that loneliness is still considered a taboo topic. Young people often feel ashamed that they have (almost) no friends. In addition, there is not enough correct information available online about loneliness among young people. We want to use the platform to discuss and to normalize the topic of loneliness among young people. We also want to support young people to take the initiative towards more social contact.”

The platform is developed in collaboration with Sanne van Gelder (expert by experience), Diego Bloemendaal (expert by experience), Dr Gerine Lodder (developmental psychologist), Hanneke Reijrink (policy staff member, youth), Leonie Heijkants (board Helicon MBO Tilburg) and Charlotte van de Velde (youth work R-Newt).

Project team from left to right | Sanne (expert by experience), Jolanda (founder of Join us Foundation) and Myke (project leader of eenzamejongeren.com)