Tips to manage loneliness

Do you want to have more friends, but feel unsure about where to start? Take a look at our tips below and take action. Would you prefer personal advice? Then take the self-test.

Talk about it

Tell someone you trust how you are feeling and look for solutions together.

Feeling unsure about who you can turn to? How about your parents, brother or sister, your mentor, or a counselor?

Ask for help

Does loneliness make you sad and gloomy? Do you experience difficulties sleeping or do you often have stomach pains? Is gaming the only thing you can think about?

These are all signs that it is time to seek professional help. Make an appointment with your doctor and share your story.

Take action

Is it intimidating for you to take action? For example, do you always put off talking to someone? Or are you afraid to ask for support from an organization?

Just do it; maybe it is not as bad as you think. If it is difficult for you, try sending an email first.


What do you enjoy doing on a day off? Do you have something fun to look forward to? Or are you often bored?

Try to plan something you can look forward to. What do you like? How about sports or a hobby? Join a club and see if that is something you like!

Be proud

Do you have a lot of negative thoughts? Do you think classmates think you are stupid? Or do you think no one wants to meet up with you?

Try stopping those negative thoughts by writing down something you are proud of every day.


Are you looking for someone to help you feel less lonely? Take a look at youth organizations in your local area. Sometimes they offer support for young people who feel lonely. There are also a lot of places in the Netherlands where you can sign up for maatjesprojecten (“Buddy-projects”). Ask your doctor for suggestions. Or speak to a counselor at school or at work. The organizations listed below offer help to feel less lonely. Unfortunately, these organizations are only available in certain parts of the Netherlands for now, but hopefully you can find something that fits your needs.

Join us

Are you between the ages of 12 and 25? Maybe Join us is something for you. You can meet other young people and do fun things together. Meanwhile, we will help you improve your social skills. Join us has more than 25 locations in the Netherlands.

Avondje Uit

Avondje Uit organizes biweekly activities for young people (18-35) in the Midden-Brabant region (The Netherlands). If you like meeting up with new people, and doing fun things together, then you have come to the right place. We always welcome new participants.


Is something bothering you? It does not matter whether your problem is. At @ease you can talk about it with other young people. You can share your story online, or you can visit one of our locations in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Heerlen, Maastricht). @ease is anonymous and free, no appointment is needed.

You ontmoeten

You ontmoeten offers easy ways to expand your social network. We organize fun events for young people. We facilitate WhatsApp groups and we organize weekend activities and monthly trips. We are located in the province of Noord-Holland (The Netherlands).


In2yourplace is geared towards young people between the ages of 16 and 27, who want to learn from each other, and who want to build self-confidence. You can sign up for one of their courses in Zuid-Limburg (the Netherlands). Each group consist of 5-8 young people. You get to know each other, you share experiences and you offer each other support.


Are you often feeling gloomy? Has a doctor told you that you have autism? Do you often have arguments with people around you? Brainwiki is a great website about mental health problems specifically geared towards young people. The website offers information about mental health problems, and about all types of treatment with or without medication.

Does your organization help lonely young people by helping them build their social resilience, for example? Would you like your organization to be listed on this website? Please contact us via Join us Foundation will review all applications.