Young people: loneliness

Do you only have a few good friends? Maybe this makes you feel lonely quite often. In the Netherlands, there are over 200,000 young people who feel lonely day in, day out. If you experience loneliness over a long period of time, it can make you feel sad and gloomy. Does this sound familiar? If so, take a look at our tips and take action.

Causes of loneliness

Young people often wonder why they are feeling lonely. They ask themselves, “Why don’t I have any friends?”. It is completely normal to ask yourself this question. We have summarized 3 common causes of loneliness to help you answer this question. Can you relate to them? Or do you feel lonely because of different reason? Talk to someone whom you can trust and think about a solution together. Do you want to know if your loneliness could be a problem? Take the self-test and find out what you can do about it.

No contact with people your age

Do you suffer from a chronic disease? Do you take care of someone else? Are you the only one in your neighborhood going to a different school? Or is there another reason you are not talking much to other people? These could all be reasons why it is more difficult to interact with people your age. Maybe you just enjoy playing games or watching TV series on your own. However, in the long term, it is also good to meet with people in person. We are all in need of making real connections.

Poor social skills

Is it hard for you to start a conversation with your peers? Do you want to be invisible and hide from people while being in a group? Are you afraid to ask questions? Or are you soft-spoken, like you are almost whispering? 

Those are all examples of social skills. If you struggle with these social skills, it is hard to connect with your peers. Maybe you will avoid contact completely causing you to feel even more lonely.

Low self-esteem

Are you convinced that other young people think you are stupid? Do you think nobody wants to come to your birthday party? Or do you think nobody will answer your WhatsApp message? 

These are all negative thoughts, making it even more difficult to connect with your peers. Even before giving it a chance, you have already decided that it will not work.

Can loneliness lead to problems?

Are you feeling lonely sometimes? That is OK; it is actually quite normal to feel that way. This feeling might even help you to connect with others. Think about the first weeks of school. You need time to get to know new people. However, when feelings of loneliness go on for a long period of time, it can lead to problems.

Have you been feeling lonely day in, day out for a long period time? And are you suffering from this? Then it is important to get help and to take a look at our tips. The effects of loneliness can be harmful to your health. Some young people experience difficulties sleeping, suffer from headaches or stomach pains, can only think about gaming, often feel down, or are afraid to leave the house. There are also young people who ask themselves the question if they still want to live. Are you having suicidal thoughts? Talk about it. Call 0900-0113 or live-chat via